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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation K-12 Education program seeks to significantly increase the number of black, Latino, and low-income students graduating from high school and pursuing a higher education.

To support this mission they sought to develop a dissemination strategy for sharing evidence-based information with U.S. high school principals. To do this, they needed to better understand how school leaders used formal and informal networks to obtain information to best serve their students. We conducted qualitative and quantitative research with 440 principals to garner insights.

In an effort to make these insights actionable, we created empathy based design artifacts, including personas, journeys, and network maps that supported both the building of and investment in new experiences and programs. Finally, we helped share these insights with educational organizations across the U.S.

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Research and Insights, Personas, Journeys, Network Maps


User persona for active networker
User persona for Embedded networker
User persona for Network learner

User journeys

User journey for active networker
User journey for embedded networker
User journey for network learner

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