Prospyr, formerly known as “Treasure Hunt,” is a 60-year-old regional jeweler and reseller based in Pennsylvania. But when they expnaded their footprint to Florida, they faced numerous challenges attaning and growing their customer base.

They engaged Big Thinkers Society in an end-to-end strategy, researching the customer base and assessing the market, which led to a complete re-creation of the brand, full-scale marketing strategy and even store design. We then executed in the market, activating channels from print and radio to email and social to proximity ads and SEM. In addition, we developed numerous features on their website to support customers during the pandemic, such as the ability to make an appointment online.

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Naming, Research and Insights, Messaging Framework, Marketing Strategy, Website, Email, Competitive Assessment, Trends Analysis, Personas, Journeys, Lead Generation, Social Media (organic and paid), Print Advertising, Radio Advertising, Store Design, Collateral


Prospyr vertical logo with gold and diamond
Prospyr horizontal logo with gold and diamond
Prospyr vertical logo with gold and diamond on blue background
Prospyr horizontal logo with gold and diamond on blue background


Screenshot of Prospyr website with customer in banner and headline See what's possible with Prosypyr
Screenshot of Prospyr website showing Sell in person marketing, laptop and mobile
Mobile views of Selling in person and making an appointment functionality on Prospyr site

Unique website visits in the first five months of launch

Paid social impressions


Growth in email audience

Email and social

Screenshots showing seasonal and promotional marketing email templates
Social post for opening party with gem artwork and cheersing glasses
Social post for Valentines sale with heart and sale tag icon


Exterior view of colorful brochure with tear-off refer a friend panel
Interior view of marketing brochure showing brand values and commitments
Front of Google Review Card encouraging customers to leave a positive review
Back of Google Review Card telling customers how to leave a review

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