Save the Chimps


Save the Chimps is the largest privately funded chimpanzee sanctuary in the U.S.

Big Thinkers Society has worked with them to evolve the vision and mission of the organization, articulate its story and drive fundraising. To support them we led an on-site workshop with board members, staff and key members of the science community and created a brand story to evolve the organization’s positioning.

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Vision Workshop, Brand Story, Content Strategy, Social Strategy

Brand vision workshop

Team collaborating during Brand Vision workshop
Tables of team members collaborating during Brand Vision workshop
Pallot with surface covered in sticky notes and whiteboarding


We also worked with Save the Chimps to lead the content and social strategy for the 2020 Annual Fund, which launched just weeks after the pandemic hit. Instead of shying away from world events, we leaned into them, grounding the campaign in the story of the chimps who lived in isolation and had so much to teach the world about resilience. As a result, the Annual Fund far surpassed previous campaign raising more than $400k in six weeks.

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